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In 2019, the Institute of Materials Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recruited Ph.D. gradu

Tutors who have enrolled at least two consecutive master-doctoral students and direct Ph.D. students will no longer consider arranging the recruitment of doctoral candidates for the unified examination in that year. Candidates must communicate with their tutors before registering;

3. Candidates admitted by the minority high-level backbone talent plan, the admission category is directional students, and must sign a tripartite directional training agreement before admission. The admission category cannot be changed after the admission data is reported.

4. Admitted candidates should register within the stipulated time. If there are special reasons for not being able to report on time, relevant certificates must be provided, and leave should be requested in writing to the admission unit. The leave will be valid only after approval. Those who fail to register within 10 working days without any reason will have their admission qualification cancelled.

       5. The admitted fresh master graduates should present the original master's graduation certificate and degree certificate at the time of enrollment. Those who have not obtained a master's degree or who cannot provide the original copy of the master's graduation certificate and degree certificate will have their doctoral admissions cancelled.

       6. Fresh undergraduate graduates who are recommended to be admitted as direct Ph.D students without examination should present the original undergraduate diploma and bachelor's degree certificate at the time of enrollment. Those who have not obtained a bachelor's degree or a bachelor's degree, or who cannot provide the original copy of the bachelor's degree or bachelor's degree certificate, will be disqualified for admission to the doctoral degree.

6. Charges and Treatments

In 2019, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences will continue to carry out the reform of the postgraduate education investment mechanism in accordance with the national regulations. All newly enrolled doctoral students will be fully charged with tuition and accommodation fees. At the same time, the postgraduate award policy system will be improved to increase the incentives for outstanding postgraduate students.

       The tuition fee for full-time academic doctoral students within the national program is 10,000 yuan per year per student, charged by the academic year.

       The fees for doctoral students in the minority high-level backbone talent program are the same as above.

       Candidates who are transferred to a doctoral degree through a combination of master and doctoral programs and are admitted to a doctoral degree through assessment shall pay the tuition fee according to their doctoral status at the time of admission.

       Direct Ph.D. students pay tuition according to their doctoral status and enjoy the corresponding scholarship system when they enroll.

       Our institute has established a relatively complete postgraduate scholarship policy system. Postgraduates enjoy generous scholarships during their studies (excluding academic awards, 30,000 yuan/year for master students and 45,000 yuan/year for doctoral students). Students with outstanding comprehensive scientific research ability can also apply for various scholarships established by the state, Chinese Academy of Sciences, research institutes, and enterprises.

7. Study period

The doctoral degree students recruited by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences are mainly trained on a full-time basis.

1. The length of study for doctoral students is generally 3 or 4 years, and the longest study period (including suspension) shall not exceed 6 years;

       2. Doctoral students enrolled through the combination of master and doctoral degree, including the master's level, generally have a study period of 5 years or 6 years, and the longest study period (including suspension of study) shall not exceed 8 years;

       3. For direct doctoral students recruited through direct postgraduate studies, the length of schooling is generally 5 or 6 years, and the longest study period (including suspension of study) shall not exceed 8 years.

8. Disciplinary punishment

For candidates who declare false materials, cheat in exams and other behaviors violating enrollment regulations, they will be severely dealt with in accordance with the revised "Measures for Handling National Education Examination Violations" and related regulations by the Ministry of Education.

9. Employment

After graduation, non-targeted doctoral students will be employed in a "two-way choice" under the guidance of the state's employment policy; the doctoral students of the targeted training minority backbone plan will go to targeted areas or units for employment according to targeted agreements upon graduation.

10. Others

  1. Disputes arising between candidates applying for the minority national backbone program doctoral candidates and their original units or directional and service contract units shall be handled by the candidates themselves. If the admissions unit is unable to retrieve the candidates' files due to the above problems, the admissions unit will not be held responsible for the consequences of the candidates being unable to re-examine or be admitted.

       2. If there is any inconsistency between this brochure and the new national enrollment policy (including relevant time points), the new policy of the higher-level unit shall prevail.

11. Contact information

       Address: No. 1219, Zhongguan West Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

       Postcode: 315201

       Website: http://www.nimte.ac.cn

       Functional department: Graduate Department

       Contact: Yang Fang

       Tel: 0574-87911122

       Fax: 0574-87910728

       E-mail: yangfang@nimte.ac.cn

       We welcome young scholars who are interested in research in the fields of new materials, new energy, advanced manufacturing and biomedical engineering in my country to study and develop their talents.

       In 2019, our institute has recruited 20 direct doctoral students. Please refer to the notice for the remaining enrollment: http://graduate.nimte.ac.cn/view-15589.html


Contact name: Yang Minghui Unit name: Dalian University of Technology Address: West Campus of Dalian University of Technology, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City Postcode: 116024 Tel: 17614834906 Email: myang@dlut.edu.cn

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