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Professor Wang Pei from Dalian Maritime University came to Ningbo Institute of Materials for a visit

On October 26, Professor Wang Pei from Dalian Maritime University was invited by Researcher Yang Minghui to visit the Institute of New Energy Technology of Ningbo Institute of Materials for a visit and exchange, and made an academic report on his work in the past ten years. In the report, Professor Wang gave a detailed introduction to the improvement of rubber preparation technology, the development of chitosan environmental protection coatings, degradable drug coatings and smart hydrogels. Professor Wang Pei introduced in detail the preparation of rubber with excellent friction properties by using a-BuLi catalyst to control the configuration of the monomer, and the realization of industrial production. And the use of chitosan to develop antifouling coatings for ships, which can effectively prevent microorganisms from attaching to the surface of the hull and reduce the corrosion of ships from the root cause. Professor Wang Pei also introduced the use of biodegradable polymer materials as drug carriers to improve the efficacy of drugs, and gave a detailed introduction to the fields of high-strength dual-network hydrogels and antibacterial smart hydrogels. This report has attracted the attention of many teachers and students. After the meeting, Researcher Yang Minghui and Professor Wang Pei conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation direction of combining gas sensors and polymer materials to prepare flexible gas sensors.

      Wang Pei, born on February 5, 1976, associate professor, postgraduate tutor, is currently the deputy director of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Dalian Maritime University. In 2005, he graduated from Dalian University of Technology, majoring in polymer materials, with a doctorate in materials science and engineering. In the same year, he taught at Dalian Maritime University. From 2016 to 2017, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Akron in the United States. Currently, he is mainly engaged in the research of bio-smart hydrogels, the preparation of nano-hybrid materials, the synthesis of green coatings, and the development and application of advanced antifouling coatings. In recent years, the major scientific research work he has participated in include: Natural Science Fund of Liaoning Province "Construction and Performance Evaluation of Marine Antifouling Coating Based on Hydrogel Technology" (2014025011) Degradation and Drug Release Behavior of Absorbable Compound Drug Coatings of National Natural Science Foundation of China Research on and mechanism (30870633); National 863 Program Research on water-dispersed environment-friendly nanostructured automotive paint (2009AA03Z319); Dalian Science and Technology Program Project, Development of Thin-layer Thermal Insulation Chitosan Environmental Protection Coating (2008A14GX235); Enterprise Project, Shun Improvement of catalyst premixing process for butadiene rubber and development of new oil-extended rubber grades (9008369); Fundamental research fees for central universities, construction and application of hydrogel self-assembly coatings (2012Qn012, 3132014076). He has published more than 50 papers in important journals at home and abroad, of which more than 30 have been indexed by SCI and EI.


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