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The Solid Functional Materials Research Group hosted the first International Forum on Solid Function

On May 12, Ningbo Institute of Materials held the first International Forum on Solid Functional Materials. The forum was organized by the Solid Functional Materials Research Group of the Institute of New Energy, and invited J. Paul Attfield, Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Miguel Ángel Alario-Franc of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain, Professor Yuichi Shimakawa and Professor Hiroshi Kageyama of Japan, and Professor Je-Geun Park of Seoul National University, South Korea. , Professor Xing Xianran from University of Science and Technology Beijing, Professor Jin Guoxin from Fudan University, Professor Liu Ruxi from National Taiwan University, Professor Li Guangshe from Jilin University, Professor Xue Dongfeng from State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Resource Utilization, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Luo Junhua from Fujian Institute of the Structure of Matter gave keynote speeches. , and invited a number of well-known domestic scholars to participate in this forum. More than 100 researchers and students from Ningbo Institute of Materials came to the scene to listen to reports and communicate. At the opening ceremony of the forum, Chen Jianzhang, deputy director of Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, Yang Guilin, assistant to the director of Ningbo Materials Institute and director of the advanced manufacturing institute, delivered the opening speeches of the conference.

This forum is the first international forum on solid functional materials. It focuses on the latest progress of functional materials, especially catalytic materials, optical functional materials, nano-functional materials, and new energy materials. Discussions and academic exchanges. At the same time, it pays attention to the development of new material products in domestic and foreign industries, the development of international cutting-edge materials, and the development of key technologies with industrialization and market application prospects at home and abroad. Adhering to the solid science and new materials committee's fine tradition of promoting academic prosperity and promoting industrial development, this forum is guided by the "Made in China 2025" strategy and the "13th Five-Year Plan" for new materials technology and industry. The development needs of China's intelligent manufacturing, environmental energy, and other industries, discuss the frontiers and trends of international advanced functional materials and scientific and technological development, exchange the research and development status and academic achievements of China's advanced functional materials, and discuss China's advanced functional materials and their key development directions and technical approaches , to promote the academic prosperity of China's advanced functional materials science and technology. At the same time, docking with the key fields of Ningbo's new material industry, such as catalytic materials, photofunctional materials, nano-functional materials, and new energy materials, to discuss the key directions of scientific and technological innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization, and to build China's advanced functional materials and the world's experts in the field of material science and technology. The industry-university-research collaborative innovation platform between scholars and Ningbo's new materials industry will help the high-end and large-scale development of Ningbo's new materials industry, and promote the construction and development of Ningbo New Materials Science and Technology City and Ningbo China's new materials industry base.


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