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Professor Javier Carrasco of CIC Energigune Institute visited Ningbo Institute of Materials

On the morning of April 25th, at the invitation of Yang Minghui, a researcher from the New Energy Institute of Ningbo Institute of Materials, Professor Javier Carrasco of CIC Energigune Energy cooperative research center went to Ningbo Institute of Materials for academic exchange activities and gave a speech entitled "Atomistic modelling of materials for rechargeable batteries" academic report.

Professor Javier Carrasco gave a detailed introduction to the calculation of battery-related materials currently studied, and proposed that the main driving factor for the progress of battery technology is to improve energy density. The advantages and disadvantages of Na intercalation in crystalline Si24 are calculated and analyzed. According to the shortcomings of the DFT calculation method, a combination of DFT and vdW is proposed for calculation. Prof. Javier Carrasco also introduced his future research directions: 1) systematically explore the composition and structure space; 2) design materials with better electrochemical performance; 3) understand new energy storage mechanisms to pave the way for better materials smooth the road; 4) accelerate the discovery of materials. The report was very lively and aroused the wide interest of the teachers and students present. After the report, everyone actively conducted a heated exchange and discussion with Professor Javier Carrasco on related scientific research issues.

Javier Carrasco Rodriguez holds a BA in Chemistry and a PhD in theoretical computational chemistry from the Universitat de Barcelona. Currently, he is mainly engaged in the research of density functional theory in CIC Energigune Institute. Currently, as the first author, he has published more than 50 papers in such journals as CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, ACS CATALYSIS, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, etc. Presided over 6 R&D projects.


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