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Welcome Jiang Heng, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Liaoning University of

On the morning of January 12, at the invitation of Yang Minghui, a researcher from the New Energy Institute of Ningbo Institute of Materials, Jiang Heng, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Liaoning Petrochemical University, went to Ningbo Institute of Materials for academic exchange activities, and made a presentation entitled "R&D of Sulfurized Isobutylene Series Products". academic report.

        Sulfurized isobutylene (referred to as thioene) is an important lubricant additive. Because of its excellent anti-wear effect under extreme pressure, it can increase the performance of lubricating oil, so the application of sulfurized isobutylene as lubricating oil additive has been paid more and more attention. The traditional production method of thioene includes two steps of sulfur chlorination and sulfur dechlorination of isobutene (so it is also called two-step method). Due to a series of shortcomings such as cumbersome process, high chlorine content and serious three wastes, it has been eliminated. the edge of. In contrast, the one-step high-pressure synthesis of thioene is a high-pressure reaction of olefin (isobutene) and sulfur in an alkaline environment to synthesize sulfided isobutene. The one-step method has attracted great attention in the industry due to its simple process, no chlorine, basically no three wastes and many other advantages. The structural composition of the substance determines the quality of its performance. Sulfurized isobutene is a mixture containing both high-quality components and harmful components. Due to the lack of theoretical understanding of the entire reaction system, the existing one-step synthesis process of sulfurized isobutene cannot be further developed. Increase the content of high-quality components; in addition, due to the lack of data on the reaction kinetics, the design of the reactor cannot be improved and developed. Dean Jiang took this as a background, and combined with the results obtained by his research group in the research and development of sulfided isobutylene series products in recent years, he made a "full of dry goods" report for the participants.

       After the report, the participants had an in-depth discussion on the research and development and industrialization of products. Some participants also actively discussed with President Jiang on issues such as project cooperation. After the meeting, Dean Jiang, accompanied by researcher Yang Minghui, visited the laboratory and test platform of the Institute of New Energy.


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